2 comments on “Octane magazine test

  1. It is really amazing what you can do with these VAG engines…nevertheless, the author comments “My 75bhp car was the cheapest of three states of tune: you could also order a 90bhp version or the full-fat 105, all using VAG’s 1.6-litre engine. And there’s no mechanical difference between the three. Mine is simply electronically limited by the manufacturer”. I did some digging in your website and, if these is true, why the 75 (142 BHP @ 4455 Rpm / 261 Nm @ 2389 Rpm) and the 105 (148 BHP @ 4584 Rpm / 307 Nm @ 2356 Rpm) remap figures are so different? Maybe the engines are not so identical after all…
    Best regards!

    • The torque demand and limit are increased by the same percentage for all the engine power outputs. The 75 PS model is heavily torque restricted within the factory in order to make the very low power output. We may have been able to push the 75 PS car to a higher peak torque figure if we had wanted to but we stopped at 261 Nm. A 30% increase over the factory peak was considered enough.

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